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Monthly Archives: November 2012

I’ve been trying to write a blog post for two weeks but shit keeps happening! I can’t keep up!

Sandy: holy shit what a storm. Here in New Jersey, we got creamed! When we lost power early on Monday night, I went out to start the generator and the little white-metal handle on the fuel petcock snapped off in my hand. It was nearly flush with the rest of the valve. Barely anything to get with a pair of pliers (forget fingers!). It took me a half hour to turn the thing far enough that the generator would stay running. All this time, it sounded like the gates of Hell had opened in my yard. Pressed against the sandbags protecting the generator, I worked at the valve, turning it a hair at a time, flying objects hitting me in the back and shoulders, rain smearing my glasses. At one point I looked up and the pine tree behind me swayed and touched the corner of our little house as if to say: “I can hurt you if I want to . . . ”

Finally, the valve was turned far enough and the generator would stay running. I rushed inside. It sounded like a freight train was blasting by.

And we got off easy. We lost power for a few days and had a tree fall in our yard. Many, many people suffered far more than we did. And they are still suffering! Our power came on last night!

The pictures of the flogging New Jersey took from Sandy are heartbreaking. Whatever you think of them, our governor and president are working hard on the needed repairs.

But what about the causal problem? Not much said. At least, finally, the mainstream media is opening their mouths. Chris Mathews on NBC went a tad nuts about climate change deniers and that was a long time coming. Others are talking about it as well. Michael Moore was on CNN talking about what needed to be done. Mayor Bloomberg of NYC came out for Obama precisely because of our climate problem. Finally.

And Joe Bastardi on Fox keeps spouting long debunked bullshit. I guess that’s all you can expect from Fox and a guy with a last name like that. (Sorry, but with a last name like Durstewitz, I can talk about other people’s last names.)

Anyway, water. The problem is water. This time storm surge forcing sea water way up onto land. This causes havoc everywhere. It contaminates drinking water, screws up municipal water and sanitation systems, drowns subways, undermines (or simply removes) buildings and roads. Water is powerful stuff and once moving, extremely difficult to stop.

The only way we can stop it is to stop the heating of our planet. The two are inextricably linked and the more greenhouse gases we pump into the atmosphere, the worse it will get.

How many $50 billion dollar disasters do you think we can fix? When does the wallet run dry? If the republicans are so worried about the budget why have they delayed action on the most expensive problem we’ve ever faced?

And, they want to get rid of FEMA. Tell that to the people wiped out by Sandy.

Call your congress-person. VOTE for candidates who really have your best interests and the best interests of your children in mind: those that understand that fossil fuels are fucking the place up!

I’ll clean up and post what I originally intended to post after the election. Be sure to tune in. AND VOTE!