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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Sorry for the long silence since SXSWEco. We did very well there and met some really great people who are very interested in our latest story. To that end, we have been working feverishly toward a directed sing-through in the spring and are on track to do so. A lot of work, but it’s all good.

Attended many panels while I was there. Most were hopeful and outlined reasonable paths forward so we don’t extinct ourselves. Others were . . . surreal.

Some local fossil fuel companies hosted a panel on using their financial might to finance renewable projects. Admirable on the surface. The trouble was that they all had a thirty to forty year window to be either self-sustaining or profitable. Even if they managed to dodge the accounting department’s cleavers as unworthy investments, we don’t have that long to fiddle around with the climate.

The one that really got me, because it applies to our story, was “Who Wins the Water?” I kid you not.

The panel was moderated by a corporate guy who was all about the wonderful benefits of the corporate control of the world’s water resources (both water and sewage). The theme was that the corporate world could do it better, cheaper, yada, yada.

Somehow it never turns out that way.

Anyway, there were several NGOs on the panel as well and they looked slightly uncomfortable about the while thing. I managed to talk to two of them afterward and expressed our concern with what will happen if water becomes a commodity . . .  something traded on the stock market . . . like oil . . .  subject to price shocks.

And you can only live three to five days without it.

They expressed the same concern and admitted that they had no idea how to stop it from happening.

I guess that’s what rock operas are for.

Stay tuned.