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Monthly Archives: July 2014

I’ve been hearing stories from family and friends of people of a certain age suddenly losing their jobs for vague complaints and sometimes flat out lies. More than one was accused of a sudden incompetence after many years (18) of successful and loyal service to their employers. These people are in their mid fifties and find themselves replaced by younger, less experienced (and undoubtedly cheaper) employees.

When these people seek new employment because they are nowhere near retirement age, they are thrust into a disturbing reality where employment agencies often demand date of birth before passing their resumes onto prospective employers. In some cases, the agencies have asked the applicant to lop off half their work experience because the prospective employer is routinely returning resumes with more than say fifteen years of work experience.

(That last one was a huge company whose products you have in your homes.)

The situation is all the more disturbing because the employment agency/employer relationship lives in a loophole where it’s perfectly legal for the agency to ask for your birth date and then pass it on to the employer.

(Age discrimination technically only exists when the employer blatantly knocks you out of the box for a job solely because they think you’re too old, which is very difficult to prove.)

The business community is being very short-sighted. Middle-aged people are very often at the height of their creative and intellectual abilities. Companies would be well advised to grab someone who has the wisdom and experience of time.

But they’re only thinking about the salary such a person might command and whether or not they might be a burden to the benefits plan.

Can you see the insanity in this? We have this vast wealth of knowledge and we are kicking it to the curb where it is forever lost, and we are doing it at a time when our civilization is facing the worst crises in it’s history. How can any culture survive like this? How can a culture flourish?

This simple answer is that it can’t. Situations like this guarantee only stagnation.

It’s just one of many, many things that we are being short-sighted about. Problems surround us. Some existential. Our species is teetering at the edge of an abyss of our own making by ignoring the science of climate change the same way we are ignoring the acquired wisdom of our own scientists and artists. Age is a gift and middle age is the crowning achievement of evolution. It provides our species with perspective impossible for other species. We can relate the cause and effect of life to those younger than ourselves and so ensure their survival and their children’s survival. In short: our survival as a race.

If we don’t examine what we are doing and make some drastic changes, we guarantee a painful future for our children and our children’s children.
For once, let’s be smart and cultivate the vast sources of knowledge we call Father, Mother, Grandfather and Grandmother. They can lead us to the truths which our elected officials and business leaders seem perfectly happy to ignore.


I seem to be saying this a lot lately: sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. Between getting ready for the sing through and the work that produced on the back end, things have been hectic.

It went very well. It was well attended and those people are now talking it up to the industry. No word yet, but we knew this might take some time. What we’re doing really hasn’t been done before. The people who saw the sing through we’re very impressed and we could see the wheels turning in their heads while we were talking with them after the show.

So now we wait. In the meantime there’s plenty to do. Charts for musicians, guide tracks for the future cast, working out the kinks we discovered, following up with people with whom we’ve been talking, working on social media . . .  the list goes on and on.

I’ve been seeing quite a bit of Obama’s climate efforts in the news. I applaud it. It’s about time someone got something done so we all have a reasonable future to look forward to.

It is however, not nearly enough. It’s only a start. Baby steps.

In order to ensure that these efforts continue we must make it very clear to our elected officials that we will not settle for Business As Usual. That we will do everything we can to vote them out of office if they try to keep stalling and following the fossil fuel industry’s dictates.

We can also act before new officials get into office by determining who they are taking money from. There are a variety of websites with excellent information in this area. is the one that immediately comes to mind but I’m sure there are others, though they might not be as comprehensive as opensecrets.

So, when there’s a race in your district, run the candidates through opensecrets’ online database and air the dirty laundry.

You’ll also discover which companies are working against your well being by undermining your rights and your future.

And then, once armed with that knowledge, VOTE accordingly.

By the way, it might be easier to keep up with us if you follow our twitter and facebook. There’s always stuff going out through those avenues and they are enjoying healthy growth. Writing at length, as I can here, is my favorite because it gives me the freedom to expand on things that 140 characters won’t.



More soon. Promise!

God speed.