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Monthly Archives: January 2015

As I said in a post at the time, our holidays were a great big pile of awesome. We got to spend a lot of quality time with family and very close friends.

We received warm hugs and teasing from our children and our two small grandchildren (who are the coolest little people on the planet). Huge hugs and loving conversations with our daughter-in-law and our soon to be son-in-law. (He’s a really great guy who treats our daughter like a queen. We have never seen her so happy.)

Liquid warmth from our son’s brother-in-law, who is always wonderful to see, by refusing my money for two glasses of D9 Brewing’s finest black IPA. ;-)

A Warm hug and conversation from a cousin we didn’t know we had until last year’s Thanksgiving.

Talking with extended family and some very dear friends of that same extended family, particularly a man who I will call “Walter” who is a fountain of wisdom who has achieved many great things in his life and still deeply understands the necessity of remaining as wide eyed as a child. He inspires me with his kindness and advice.

The sight of my wife talking with all of these people and playing on the floor with our grand kids. She too appreciates the necessity of retaining the ability to be childlike, which is why I married and cherish her.

The satisfaction of watching all of this and knowing that my personal efforts were very well spent and that the future is bright for all of us regardless of anything that life throws at us.

The sight of my wife talking and laughing with her sisters and parents and the whole bunch of us going to see the latest hobbit film together. Talking with my niece and fiance about their upcoming weddings plans (wedding-wise, it’s going to be a busy year!)

Managing to catch two dear friends (our son’s god parents) in NYC the day before NYE. We haven’t seen each other for more than a few minutes in more than thirty years. I had a blast telling his daughter and the very nice gentleman she’s dating all about how her father and I got into trouble in college. She may never look at her dad the same way again. ;-)

And time spent with two very, very dear fiends and their awesome children in NYS for New Years. This is becoming a wonderful tradition.

Ate too much. Drank too much. Didn’t give or receive a single present other than love, laughter and warmth. This is the way all holidays should be. It’s not about what you spend or get. It’s about giving of yourself, your time and thought. Valuing those God gave you.

It simply can’t get any better than that.

We hope your 2015 is filled with all of these things because if it is, you can consider yourself wealthy in the best way imaginable.

More soon.