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Monthly Archives: August 2015


We are in pre-production for our climate change rock opera; The Nature of Man, (our bizplan is getting serious interest) and things are frantically busy so I’ll get right to the point.

Our friends at The Sane Energy Project (SEP) are working very hard on a really nasty problem: the proposed Port Ambrose LNG Terminal.

From SEP’s materials on the matter:

“Liberty Natural Gas, LLC, proposes to build Port Ambrose, an offshore facility for liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers, just a few miles off our
beaches. Port Ambrose could be used to import or export natural gas.

LNG is natural gas that is super-chilled to -260° to liquefy it for
transportation. It is highly flammable and unsafe.

Top Reasons to Oppose LNG-Port Ambrose

1. LNG tankers and facilities pose serious security risks and make us vulnerable to terrorism. Port Ambrose is just miles from NY/NJ Harbor, JFK Airport, and located between channels used for commerce including chemical oil tankers.

2. LNG is a disaster for our climate – we know that liquefied natural gas is 40% worse for our climate than regular shale gas. LNG steers us away from efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy.

3. Liberty Natural Gas is a shell corporation for a secretive group of nameless backers based in the Cayman Islands. These anonymous investors will benefit from Port Ambrose while the public gets nothing.

4. Port Ambrose will likely become an export facility. Once approved for import it can be flipped to export without further public input, worsening the industrialization of our oceans, affecting fishing and climate change, like we saw with Superstorm Sandy.

5. LNG Port Ambrose will create only six (6) long-term jobs; A real green energy future, including energy conservation and renewables, will create thousands of high-paying permanent jobs.

6. Federal agencies are considering an offshore wind farm for the same plot of ocean as the Port Ambrose project. We know that 85% of Long Islanders want offshore wind power.

The choice between clean and dirty energy doesn’t get more direct that this – a wind farm would produce thousands of long term jobs, could actually cut down the force of hurricanes, and supply New York with clean renewable energy, while the Port Ambrose project would endanger our health, our communities and our climate so that a few private investors can make a profit.”

Here’s a link to SEP’s website with more vital information. Please read it and get involved, especially if you are in NY/NJ.

Oh, and one more reason to oppose this: if there’s an accident, the resulting fire CAN’T BE EXTINGUISHED. Please pay particular attention to the paragraph beginning with Why is this project so risky?

Please help. The world needs you. This kind of thing is everyone’s fight.

God speed