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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Hi, all!

Two friends of ours are doing some amazing and important things in the fight against climate change; an old friend of mine, Ross Garside and the great folks at  The Sane Energy Project.

Ross has been concerned about the climate for a very long time and has been looking at ways he can help turn the tide of the battle. At a certain point he came across Topher White and the Rainforest Connection, who hang used, solar-powered cell phones in trees in the amazon rainforest which can hear the sounds made by illegal loggers and call authorities who can then arrive in time to stop them.

The system works really well. The problem is getting the phones up into the trees. Right now the only way to do that is for someone to climb the tree to secure the phone. This is a dangerous and time consuming process as the trees can be over 100 feet tall (and you can’t hang them where they can be easily seen or the loggers will find some way to destroy them).

Enter Ross, a really inventive guy who saw a solution to this problem and invented the Rainforest Elevator, a clever device that can climb the trees and secure the cell phones without the operator ever having to leave the ground. It’s safe and much faster than climbing so Topher and his peeps can get more cell phones into the canopy and protect more forest.

The elevator is up on kickstarter right now and needs your help. This invention could literally save a big chunk the amazon rainforest from illegal logging, leaving it intact to continue sucking our greenhouse gas emissions out of the air. We need every tree we can get.

Please donate to this truly worthy cause! The more they can raise, the more elevators that can be built and deployed.

The Sane Energy Project.

These brave and determined people were instrumental in getting the proposed Port Ambrose LNG terminal vetoed by the governor of NY. They are organized, passionate and driven to prevent the destruction of the ecology that keeps us all alive. If you’re in the NY/ NJ area, look them up and see if you can help. Many hands make light work and there’s a lot to do.

I got an email from Sane Energy the other day with a link to an article about Spectra Energy’s lack of safety oversight for their pipeline projects. Two former inspectors, who were basically fired for doing their jobs have talked to the press about a pipeline they were working on in Rhode Island.

Now, before you dismiss that as someone else’s problem, check out this link to some of Spectra’s existing pipelines. There may very well be shoddy and unsafe plumbing near you.

If you live anywhere the Indian Point Nuclear Generating Station in NYS, you have cause for concern. Indian Point sits less than a mile from the Ramapo Fault and the Algonquin Pipeline Extension high pressure pipeline will pass within 100 feet from the station.

Does anyone else see a problem here, or is it just me?

Ok, now for what’s up with us! We have attracted serious potential backers for the show and are scheduling meetings. This can be a time-consuming process because these folks are really busy people. In the meantime, we are doing everything we can to be ready when (not if–optimism!) we’re completely funded. There’s a lot to do, which is why these post have been a tad perfunctory (as opposed to the relaxed narrative we prefer ;-) of late.

We will keep you posted