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The following in an excerpt of a letter written by Susan Rutman and Cari Gardner of Concerned Families of Westchester:

To the Following:
Senator Charles Schumer (NY)
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (NY)
Senator Jack Reed (RI)
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI)
Senator Chris Murphy (CT)
Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT)
Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA)
Senator Ed Markey (MA)
Senator Ben Cardin (MD)
Senator Diane Feinstein (CA)
Senator Patrick Leahy (VT)
Senator Bernie Sanders (VT)

Esteemed Senators,

The people of New York and the Northeastern United States have a DANGEROUS PIPELINE EMERGENCY, that threatens the lives & safety of 20 million human beings living in the 50 mile blast radius of the aging and failing Indian Point Nuclear Facility!

Spectra Energy’s ALGONQUIN INCREMENTAL MARKETS (AIM) PIPELINE, is a huge, 42”, high pressure, fracked gas pipeline project, sited dangerously close to critical safety infrastructure at Indian Pt, crossing under the Hudson River and spanning over two fault lines, as it sears its way on up thru New England.

This pipeline is scheduled to go live by November 1st or sooner!!!!

WE ARE PLEADING WITH YOU TO ASK PRESIDENT OBAMA TO HALT THIS CONSTRUCTION. We are aware of Senators Warren & Markey’s inquiry into the possible conflict of interest NRG presents in their review process for this project and we ask for an independent risk analysis, before its too late.

The rest of the letter and the really important bit where you can sign on can be found at this link.

And . . . here’s the good stuff you need to know about Wednesday’s Rally at Senator Schumer’s office.

We enjoy doing this for The Sane Energy Project because we believe in what they are trying to accomplish.

We’ll have more news soon about our Indiegogo campaign to fund the tour of The Nature of Man. We are getting things set up with our publicist, which means we’re doing a lot of writing.

More soon!