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Since the election, we’ve seen the Trump transition team already begin to attack the civil rights of every American who is not a white, heterosexual maleĀ  Christian. They are working to stop or limit a woman’s right to choose, they are attacking the arts and artists with their outrageous spin on the episode of Mike Pence at a performance of Hamilton the other night and they are formulating their plans to attackĀ  every piece of climate legislation our government has ever put into place.

We cannot let this stand. We must do everything we can to ensure that these things never come to pass. I urge you to find a group to work with and get started. It’s going to be a difficult four years.

Toward that end, we have decided to move up the IndieGoGo launch for our Climate Change Rock Opera; The Nature of Man. With all that’s going on right now, we feel that the faster we go into production the better so the young people we interact with can get into the fight.

To help out, our friends at the Artists and Climate Change blog have posted an article I wrote about the show. If you need or want more information, please go there and read. Be sure to sign up for their updates. It’s a great blog.

Finally, this is Thanksgiving week. Go and be with your families. Don’t argue about politics and try to love the people who surround you. Regardless of our political leanings and personal values, we all bleed red. We are one people spread out across the entire planet and all of us deserve the right to be treated fairly and to have security in our lives, homes and beliefs.

God Speed